Classes and Retreats

Juniper Level Botanic Garden has been offering horticulture classes since the late 1980s as part of our mission as an educational, scientific, and research-based botanic garden. We aim to raise awareness of the horticultural and gardening mis-information offered by well-meaning garden speakers and writers, from plant adaptability to soils and fertilizers.

Our horticultural classes, under the guidance of master plantsman and horticulturist Tony Avent, share how our research has differed many times from conventional gardening "wisdom."

Anita Avent uses the gardens to demonstrate the ancient and timeless philosophy of oneness or nonduality with those dedicated to uncovering the true nature of beingness while questioning a separate external reality.

There are many avenues for exploring these ancient unitive teachings including inquiry, community, and silence. Anita facilitates regular inquiry classes, informal inquiry groups, and retreats for exploring the perennial wisdom teachings while pointing towards the impersonal nature of aware presence.