JLBG's Plant Propagation

JLBG believes there is no better way to conserve a plant than through propagation. By making plants more widely available, JLBG hopes to increase the genetic diversity of ornamental gardens while reducing the wholesale collecting pressures on native plant populations.

Ex-situ Plant Conservation

One of JLBG's goals is securing a wide diversity of species and, where possible, a wide range of genetic material for each species across its distribution range. In keeping with this mission, JLBG believes propagation and widespread distribution of all plants, especially those which are rare in their native habitat, is the best way to preserve those genetics in the face of constant climate change.

JLBG realizes this contradicts the core philosophy of some organizations whose hoarding tactics control rare plant genetics by keeping them out of mainstream gardens and commerce. This hoarding does not benefit either the plants or the human race but stems from a myopic view that a single point in time selected by these few scientists is somehow sacred and must be maintained in perpetuity and that genetic drift is somehow contradictory to the survival of a rare species.

This shortsighted philosophy keeps rare plants out of both consumer and commercial hands and only benefits those few scientists by assuring they can continue to receive grant funding to study plants in the wild. History proves time and again that genetic drift and diversity enrich and benefit the human race and all life forms on the planet.

JLBG is passionate about preserving and sharing these rare, unique, and native plant treasures with other like-minded gardeners and plant researchers around the world.